Pure Maple Syrup is Both Natural and Nutritious

Posted December 28, 2017

Many people these days are watching their sugar intake, but did you know that Pure Maple Syrup is a good sugar?

In fact, Pure Maple Syrup is 100 % natural and is full of mineral nutrients and vitamins, such as manganese, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Researchers have shown that Pure Maple Syrup has a higher nutritional value than all other common sweeteners.

And Pure Maple Syrup has one of the lowest calorie levels of sweeteners!!!

Please do not confuse pure maple syrup with other imitation maple syrups you see on store shelves…










Pure maple syrup has nothing added and only water is removed during the process of turning maple sap into Pure Maple Syrup. This makes it more convenient to store and to use. Pure Maple Syrup is always ready for use on pancakes, ice cream, french toast, cereal, or in your favorite maple recipe.

For more nutritional information about Pure Maple Syrup, Click here to open a pdf from the International Maple Syrup Institute.


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