Tapping Season

Maple Syrup Season Is Here!

Posted March 24, 2015

The Maple Syrup Season is here, or as we in the industry call it Sugaring Season.

The “tapping” is done, preparations in the sugarhouse are close to being ready, waiting on sap flow.
The changes in the sugarbush took longer because of really cold weather during the month of February going into March, but when it changed, it changed quickly. Doing my usual weather check in the morning back on the 9th of March and the whole ten day forecast had changed to sugaring weather, where as it had been forecasted to remain cold. That’s mother nature for you, as fickle as she can be.

DSCF0012The pictures here show the changes I am doing, the old black mainline that warms the sap and aids in bacterial growth. Something to remember, the sap is coming from and living organism, and all living organisms have bacteria. What the bacteria do is eat the sugars in the sap. That is the reason for changing to the new blue mainline, it is semi transparent, thus letting ultraviolet rays from the sun to reach the sap helping to keep the bacteria killed off but not allowing the sap to get warmed. All in an effort to make more product, because I do not have to boil as much, to get to syrup. One other thing the blue line does, is help me when I am out chasing leaks, looking for squirrel chewing is the cause most often found, I can see how the sap is flowing, letting me know if I have leaks farther up the line, so it can help save time in the ‘bush also.

DSCF0011So I quickly got the up-grades finished and got right to tapping, which went well, one afternoon of rain this last week followed by more cold has helped a lot, did not need snowshoes to get around in the ‘bush, it is like walking on the sidewalk, firm, and easy to go where you need to go. That adds to the enjoyment of being outdoors this time of year. It is a great time to be out, the temps are warming, so something in the 30s seems nice after the cold of winter down around zero. The reason, I believe that we are having so much cold, even now it has been in the single digits to near zero, is all the clear weather this winter. The storms for the most part have missed us, and after they pass, pulling down cold artic air very dry and cold, so a lot of sunshine this winter.

When the sap gets flowing and I get the leaks fixed in the ‘bush, the steam will be rolling out of the stacks of the sugarhouse daily. So I invite you to stop in and watch Pure Maple Syrup being made.
The U.P. Sugar Shack FaceBook page will have posts from time to time to keep everyone up to date on how the season is progressing. And remember to Like the page.

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