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Cold Winter Weather Hangs on

Posted February 22, 2015

DSCF0004  February 21, Work in the sugarbush has progressed slowly, because of a lot of really cold, and I mean really cold, one morning -17, another -26. Some days highs only in the single digits, like Thursday. When I got up yesterday, my weather station said the low had reached -29. I was sure that that was as cold as it could read, and when I had to go get chicken feed over to Engadine, they said they had -35, so who knows how cold it really was. Way to cold for doing much in the ‘bush, things are brittle at those temps.

Then, yesterday afternoon it had warmed up nicely to the teens, then it started to snow, and really snow, 2” per hour or so, and it just kept falling, ‘til about 10:30, then it let up. Going out to tend the boiler, there was 18” -20” in the driveway. Warm up the tractor, start digging out!

Next is getting the trails around the sugarbush reset, that is to get on the snowmobile and get them all DSCF0002packed down again. Some of them I had not been over them yet, so this was going to be a real test for Elf, my snowmobile, (remember the TV show?). We got it done! Not without some tribulations though.

The time I have had out there, I have had good success at getting some improvements started, actually almost finished, one more connection of the new pipe to the old, finish the final tighten on the two mains, and reconnect the secondary’s (the lines that run from tree to tree), and that area will be finished. This improvement will help to reach some new trees also.

The weather forecast is saying that it is supposed to stay cold with brief one or two-day warm-ups into the beginning of March, so with an eye on the ten-day forecast, I will keep replacing the old mainline pipe with the new, on the East side pump area. The rest of what I have to do is just that, not creating new lines like I have done on the West side.

DSCF0008That is the update from the U.P. Sugar Shack. With winter still having a firm grip on things I am working in the ‘bush when I can, and keeping warm when I need to! I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the beautiful winter that we are having this year.
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